Coloring Outside the Lines — Not necessarily Over the Top

Ross Fisman is possibly one of the more creative marketers who tries to construct highly creative, outside the box marketing for attorneys and law firms. His ideas are usually not the run of the mill, pictures in front of library books, coat, tie and all the other more boring things about lawyers.

Today, Ross wrote an article titled: If the “Friends” logo were a law firm….”

Classic Ross. He takes the logo used by the production company for the Friends television show and translates what it would look like in a lawyers’ marketing world — boring, unappealing and without creativity.

Why is that?

I have been surrounded by lawyers most of my professional life and, I like them for the most part. The one thing most lawyers appear to be able to do…but do very poorly? They can not laugh at themselves and, if they even suspect, that someone may laugh at them for something…forget ti, they won’t even try it.

So, marketing for lawyers requires that you not only develop the most brilliant scheme, graphic or pitch…but you have to make sure the rest of the crowd won’t make fun of them.

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